Susan Munn


About Susan

Susan Munn, RMT, IARP is the founder of Reiki West Sussex, and is a fully qualified and insured Professional Reiki Master based in Worthing, West Sussex. She has worked as a Reiki Master since 2007 and has taught more than 200 people all levels of Reiki. Reiki is a remarkable experience and the results varying from person to person, some feel the effects are immediate while others notice improvements after a few days.

Susan's love of holistic therapies began in 2005 when she was experiencing chronic back pain, migraine and was in a stressful job. A friend recommended trying Reiki.
Through first-hand experience I became convinced Reiki could reduce many common ailments such as stress, aches and pains and many others.
The regular treatments slowly reduced the daily recurring pain and it was this unique experience that helped me take the path to a Professional Holistic Practitioner.
I feel very proud to have been given this truly wonderful gift of healing and always give my very best to all my clients.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Learning reiki was an eye opener for me with lots of hands on learning and study in a relaxed and comfortable setting as Sue was an amazing teacher I would fully recommend

Tina Smith

The treatment was fantastic, it was very relaxing and I felt the light running through my body. The best healing I have ever received, I feel so relaxed and grounded, thank you be blessed.

Samantha Worrell

My reiki treatment has helped me to reduce my stress levels and allow me to remain calm during intense pressures at work. Reiki has been a positive in my life and I will be returning for another treatment.

L. Hocken