Nicky Edwards

I have attended both my Level 1 and Level 2 Reiki with Sue and have found both courses to be informative, supportive and an excellent way to develop my skills in Reiki Healing. Having spent much time researching courses I was pleased with the course literature and opportunity to discuss and explore our healing skills with Sue and other attendees. Since the course I have been more self-aware and focused and have enjoyed sharing this special treatment with my clients. I am thoroughly looking forward to coming back in the future to complete my Master training.

Tina Smith

Learning reiki was an eye opener for me with lots of hands on learning and study in a relaxed and comfortable setting as Sue was an amazing teacher I would fully recommend


I'm grateful indeed to my teacher Susan, that she teaches me and showed me the world of Reiki and all of the experience that I had with her and Reiki. She is honesty person who brings Reiki in her heart and soul and she is ready to share her knowledge about it for everyone with love.


Reiki is one of the ways to find yourself the way that you are. Based on unconditional love and gratitude, Reiki teaches you on respect to everyone and everything around you. My experience with Reiki helped me to reach a balance on spiritual level and physical level as well. Practising Reiki to yourself or family keeps your body and mind in a good condition and it could help you to understand and discover that, what you are dreaming with pure heart.

Samantha Worrell

The treatment was fantastic, it was very relaxing and I felt the light running through my body. The best healing I have ever received, I feel so relaxed and grounded, thank you be blessed.

L. Hocken

My reiki treatment has helped me to reduce my stress levels and allow me to remain calm during intense pressures at work. Reiki has been a positive in my life and I will be returning for another treatment.